• Awa Odori Festival
  • Naruto Whirlpool
  • Kazurabashi Bridge
  • Great mountain scenery

The stunning scenery can be viewed from the top of one of the many peaks surrounding the city such as Mt. Bizan. Though Tokushima can show off incredible highlands, it is also home of Bentenyama, the smallest natural mountain in the whole of Japan at a miniscule 6 metres.

Additionally, there are hundreds of shrines throughout the area such as the Ryozenji Temple or Konsenji Temple, which can be reached by hiking. There are also many opportunities for outdoor adventures such as paragliding or kayaking.

Practical information:

  • Regular domestic air services to Tokushima airport from Fukuoka, Nagoya, Sapporo or Tokyo
  • There are also buses from Kobe Airport (2 hours)
  • Bicycles are a good way to explore the city


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